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How to treat severe acne

How to treat severe acne

How to treat severe acne.

No matter in what period of life the pimples appear, they are equally unpleasant. Pimples are most common in the period of puberty, fertile period of the woman, menopause, during or after pregnancy, and all who have pimple problems have only one desire, and that is to get rid of them in the most effective way.

We offer you a couple of tips and methods that will, we believe, teach you How to treat severe acne.

How to treat severe acne – Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is excellent for repairing red pimples that are in the inflammation phase. Salicylic acid has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the pimples, it stimulates the opening of the sebaceous channels of the very pores that are clogged and under inflammation. This acid is proven to be the least harmful in the treatment of skin with pimples, so it is recommended to everyone.

How to treat severe acne – Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has a slightly bactericidal and anti-microbial effect because it contains terpenoids. Tea based oils have almost the same effects as salicylic acid, leaving no skin dry and red.

How to treat severe acne – Blue light therapy

Blue light therapy is one of the latest modern methods to treat people with skin problems. It fixes the pimple problem with twice a week treatment. The only problem is that is quite expensive.

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How to treat severe acne – Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is quite strong and should be used only in consultation with your doctor. This preparation causes almost instantaneous drying of the pimples, but also, if you do not use it properly, it can cause skin damage, swelling, and painful skin redness.

How to treat severe acne – Retinoids

Retinoids are products that change the composition of the fat and oil in the skin. If the bacteria remain free of fat, they cannot be reproduced, and therefore can not make new acne. Retinoids can make the skin very sensitive to the sunlight, so it is advised to be used only at night.

How to treat severe acne – Oral antibiotics

Oral antibiotics are used when other therapies fail to deliver results. If you experience skin pain on the face or any other part of the body where the pimples appear, or if the pimples leave scars, then you must contact your doctor and start as soon as possible with antibiotic therapy. In this way, antibiotics work by acting on the inside itself, reducing the number of pimples and scars. Antibiotics are certainly not a therapy that is recommended for a longer period of time. The patient is treated for a certain period of time and then switches to other methods of the local type.

How to treat severe acne with pills
1. How to treat severe acne – pills
How to treat severe acne with oil
2. How to treat severe acne – oil
How to treat severe acne with facemask
3. How to treat severe acne – facemask







How to treat severe acne – Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are often recommended to young people who don’t know How to treat severe acne. Contraceptive pills bring the hormones into balance and thus reduce the possibility of creating acne problems, which are often very common because a hormonal imbalance can lead to a change in the skin. Hormone therapy like this should not be easy to start without consulting with your gynecologist and dermatologist. Before trying this, regulate your own hormones by reducing your stress level, sleep 8 hours a day with intense anti-oxidant food and a lot of vitamin C.

How to treat severe acne – Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin is increasingly being used with the treatment of problematic skin. These oral drugs destroy the pathological fat cells. However, it is important to know that medicines like Accutane, Rakuten, Sotreta, and Claravis cause malformations on the fetuses of women who used these products during pregnancy.

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