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Challenge Your Core with This Plank Workout

These plank variations will tone every inch of your midsection

Never underestimate the power of the plank. If you’re ready for a challenge that will take your core strength to the next level, this routine will be right up your alley. Trainer Sam Skelton is ready to work hard right along with you in this sweat-inducing core-based class. Don’t worry about missing a full-body workout—your shoulders, arms, and back will thank you, too. (Ready for more core work? Try our Ultimate Plank Challenge)

Workout details: Start with a 3 minute warm up, then perform each of these moves for 20 seconds. Complete two rounds in total. For round one, complete 15 reps of each exercise. For round two, bump things up to 25 reps. Start in a full plank, then turn into full plank hip circle and plank jacks. Change to a 3-point plank followed by a starfish plank and a 3 point toe touch. Take it inot the third section with side plank, side plank with dips, and then threading the needle.

You can do this routine anywhere, no equipment needed. So drop the excuses and roll out your mat!


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