A new kind of masculine contraception is tested

masculine contraception technology

A new product is being tested, that could replace existing forms of masculine contraception and protection from unwanted pregnancy.

“Vasagel” will sell a polymer gel that is ready to find solutions at low cost. “Vasegel” has already proved effective in preventing pregnancy in rhesus monkeys.

The gel acts as a channel blocker through which male sperm moves. If you are curious to know why this process took so long to invent, it may be something to the fact that the material should be inert, easily injected into a small space, to remain fairly flexible and in one place, and filter the sperm with maximum efficiency without blocking the flow of fluids.

Masculine contraception

The foundation that developed this product, hopes that they will have the first volunteers for the test next year since it has been proved as fully reversible. The results of the study show that the implant can be removed and result in a rapid return of sperm flow, said lead researcher Donald Waller.

Masculine contraception

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