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Keto Detox Tea

Face it: The holidays are murder on our bodies. From overeating and overdrinking to downright unreasonable amounts of sitting around, holiday gatherings have a way of bogging us down to the point of being sedentary—especially the day after. We know what we need to do: Work up a sweat, burn some calories, flush the toxins out of our system. But that requires actually getting up and moving—and it’s so darned comfy here on the couch. And when it comes to hangovers, forget about it; we’d rather lie here and feel sorry for ourselves.

But we’ve found a great way to rehydrate, detoxify, and re-energize. GenBoost’s Ketogenic Detox TeaOpens a New Window. is a nutrient-rich powdered iced tea that provides both detoxing and cleansing benefits at the same time. A tasty blend of green, black, and oolong tea extracts, it’s also got grapefruit and cocoa powder extract as well as caffeine anhydrous to help boost metabolism. It’s also full of keto and paleo diet friendly natural ingredients, such as BHB salts.

10 simple ways to detox without dieting These lifestyle changes will jolt your metabolism and bring forth a newer you.Opens a New Window.

GenBoost’s Keto Detox Tea uses powdered extracts, which are far more nutrient-rich than whole tea leaves because there’s no heating or boiling water involved to drain the nutrients. The powder also makes the tea easy to prepare; there’s no prep or measuring, beyond a scoop into a glass of cold water. No fuss, no mess: All you’re left with is delicious iced tea.

All of these ingredients are excellent for flushing the bad stuff out of your system, and the caffeine should provide enough motivation for at least a jump start. By increasing your metabolism, you increase the rate at which you burn calories. You’ll still have to get up off the couch, but it’s so much easier after a refreshing glass of iced tea. A couple of tall, frosty glasses of Keto Detox TeaOpens a New Window. and we greeted December 26th with a spring and a smile. We can’t wait to try it out on New Year’s Day.


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