Best weight loss tips

Best weight loss tips for everybody

Best weight loss tips for everybody.

Want to lose weight and stay in good shape? French nutritionist recommends a new diet that guarantees that you will lose two pounds in seven days.

With many diets, it is recommended to eat the same every day, which usually gets bored very quickly. Dr. Dikan, therefore, created a diet that is based on changing thematic days.

One day, you eat protein, another day protein, and vegetables, on the third protein, vegetables, and fruits, then you start over until Sunday, which is a festive day – explains a French nutritionist, with the note that the intake of fat and sugar is reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to the changing of thematic days, the diet is diverse, which reflects the result of the diet, but also on the muscle tone – notes Dr. Dikan.

The main feature of this program is the protein day, during which the metabolism speeds up, which encourages weight loss, while the gourmet Sunday helps to maintain a good mood. This way of controlled diet will enable you to get rid of excess pounds easily and permanently.

Best weight loss tips 1: COLD IS BETTER

Cold helps us to dissipate but also helps with burning calories. Dr. Dikan, therefore, recommends avoiding warm meals, warm rooms and warm water shower (the last two measures will allow you to spend the same amount of calories as well as 15 minutes of exercise). It is not unusual to know that the organism consumes 65 calories in order to heat a liter of water, the temperature of which is four degrees Celsius, to the body temperature.

Best weight loss tips 2: ENJOY THE SMELLS

Into a bottle that seals hermetically, insert little-chopped cloves, five milled coffee beans, cinnamon, and vanilla. When you fall into temptation to break the diet, open the bottle and smell its content. It will calm you down. Empty the bottle every five days and insert fresh ingredients.

Best weight loss tips water bottleBest weight loss tips 3: WATER CLEANS THE BODY

If you have cellulite in addition to excess pounds, drink a liter of non-mineralized water daily to purify your body.

Best weight loss tips 4: SOUP DOPING

In addition to strengthening you, a good soup will satisfy you, but only on condition that it is not greasy and you are preparing it with tamarind, a plant known for suppressing appetite.

Best weight loss tips 5: AUTOMASAGE AGAINST HUNGER

Some simple tricks help a lot – explains Dr. Dikan. 10 minutes a day auto-massaging your neck will help you a lot.

Best weight loss tips 6: DAILY DOSE OF COCOA

Best weight loss tips cocoaCocoa has medicinal properties and acts as a refresher – says Dr. Dikan. Mix one tablespoon of non-fat cocoa with two tablespoons of yogurt with Bifidus, two tablespoons of sweetener and some hazelnut for flavor. Keep it in the fridge.

Best weight loss tips 7: STRETCHING AND BREATHING

Have you an urge to visit the fridge? This exercise will help you to avoid it: lower your shoulders, and push your head towards the ceiling at the same time. Take a deep breath, then exhale all the air from the lungs. In this way, you will throw out the negative energy from yourself.

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–         Use the marvelous properties of fresh ginger! It has a good taste and his smell and stimulates the body. Add it to tea, soup, bean sprouts …

–         shower your feet with cold water in the afternoon and in the evening

–         Pay speciaBest weight loss tips green teal attention to the overhang of the knees and groin on which the largest blood vessels are located. Chilling the blood that passes through them will oblige the body to spend extra calories.

–         Drink green tea that is known to encourage the release of liquid from the body. Ideal amount: four cups a day. To boost the effect, add some fresh ginger.

–         One drop of tomato juice in the beginning and end of the meal is a great way to speed up weight loss and fat burning.

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